EasyBSD 3.2.0 Released!

The the dev team released 3.2.0 of EasyBSD today. If you would like to see what has been changed or added please view the CHANGE log found in the docs folder within the project or on our bugs tracker. We hope you enjoy the new features in this latest version.

Written by Julian on 2010-03-16.

Website Updated!

Hello all, FBSD-DEV has finally been able to put out a new website update. We have been working on it for a better part of six months. We mainly only updated the EasyBSD project page to support new requirements for the project. I hope you enjoy them...

P.s. I hope you enjoy clinking on the BSD girls face in the banner!

Written by Jewles on 2010-03-16.

EasyBSD 3.1.0 Released!

It is our greatest pleasure to announce that FBSD-DEV Projects has released a new version of EasyBSD 3.1. We have listed below the major changes to the new version. Please view our changelog for more detailed changes.

1. FreeBSD 7.2 and FreeBSD 8 are now officially supported to run EasyBSD.
2. Secure Run Level has been added. This will help with securing the kernel and various other aspects of the system; should the system ever be compromised.
3. Several updates to the daemon modules have been completed. We updated several of the daemons to its latest version. We have also updated a few daemons’ configuration files.

More to come in the near future – We wanted to quickly release EasyBSD version 3.1.0 so that users who want to upgrade to FreeBSD 7.2 or 8 can do so. But we are not finished yet. Within the next two releases the team will be focused on modifying the modules to be more consistent, and to give you more control over what is done with your system.

We thank you for using EasyBSD and your continued support.

Written by Julian on 2009-11-13.

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